Silverleaf Construction works with our staff and specialist trades to present you with a building service offering professional advice and insight with a clear understanding of your requirements and needs.

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Knockdown & Rebuilds

Our experienced team at Silverleaf can help you minimise the cost of building a new home with a knockdown and rebuild option. A knockdown rebuild is where an existing house is knocked down and replaced with a new dwelling. This is a popular and economical option that is often surprisingly lower than renovating or moving. Benefits of a knockdown rebuild can include:

  • No hidden or unexpected renovating costs.
  • No stamp duty.
  • No real estate fees.

Knocking down your existing home and building a brand new home gives you a great alternative to the costly and time consuming process of renovating or packing up and moving somewhere else.
Speak with our specialist at Silverleaf for a knock down rebuild consult today.

Extensions & Additions

Are you trying to create additional space for your home?
When it comes to adding space to your home, there can be many unknown aspects to consider.
The choice between an extension or an addition can include many factors such as block size, local council conditions or zoning etc. Whether you are building for the first or final time, with over 13 years’ experience, our professional and personalised service can help you decide which approach might suit you best.

Granny Flats

Granny flats are a great option for fast results. With a quick turnaround some granny flats can take just up to 20 days for planning and approvals. Some owners may be entitled to a government rebate making it a cost effective addition to your block. For first home buyers a % in the property value can be refunded in the government rebate scheme. Let our experienced team at Silverleaf work with you to explore personalised solutions that will create impact and value to your home with exceptional quality.

Custom Design

We are dedicated to providing you with dream designs to make your home unique to you.
Whether it be external or internal work, company premises, shop fronts or shop fit-outs.
We have you covered.